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Fishing Report for May 2024

May 7, 2024 | Fishing Reports

Lake Level: 917.82
Water Clarity: Muddy, Mostly Clear, to Clear, Upper James to Point 9
Water Temp: 65 degrees on the surface


The Cape Fair Marina and Hideaway Marina are both fully operational. Stop by and take a look at our sale on crank baits and many other tackle items. If you don’t see the tackle you want, please let us know and we will try to order to fit your needs.


The bass fishing has really began to be very productive. A lot of nice Bass have been caught using numerous different patterns. I did the Weigh-In for the Police and Fire Officers from Wichita last Thursday and Friday (they visit us every year). I only remember a couple of boats that did not bring a five fish limit to the scales. The largest Bass weighed 71/2 pounds, and numerous 3, 4, and 5 pound fish were weighed. The winning stringer was thirty plus pounds for the two day event.

The fish are both shallow and deep; one pattern that is producing is occurring between 2 and 8 foot deep. These fish are predominately males that are on flats off the main river channel and in flat coves in creek channels, some are all the way back in the end of the creeks. The best baits for this pattern is Spinner Baits (Shad colors), a square bill crank baits (KVD 1.5 in natural colors). Shakey Head worms, Zinker, Big TRD, in Green Pumpkin and PB&J seem to be the best baits.

A wiggle wart pattern is active on transitions that connect to these flat spawning areas. This bite is a little deeper on gravel and rock from 5 to 12 feet of water. The best colors are Brown Crawfish, Red Crawfish, and Missouri Crawfish. Rock Crawlers in Spring Crawfish, Missouri Craw, and Phantom Brown are also producing in these areas.

Another pattern that is catching some really nice Kentucky Bass is trolling under the schools of Shad that can really be anywhere in feeder creeks and on flat points and in large main lake coves. Shad colored Deep Crank Baits like Strike King 5XD and Larger Rapala (also Shad Colors). This pattern is working best in partially stained water below Cape Fair to Hideaway Marina the James River Arm.

Blue Gill

This bite has increased, the fish everywhere and can be caught fairly easy. I have seen a lot of really good size fish before starting this report. They are around boat docks, and standing timber, any lay-down timber or bushes in the water. They can be caught in water up to 10 feet deep or on bluffs with standing timber 15 or more. The preferred bait is night crawlers, crickets, meal worms or Blue Gill bites on a small jig.


The crappie has slowed a little because of the heavy rain and changing water clarity. Still some nice sized fish are being taken by soaking live minnows around lay-downs in deep coves or creeks. The fish can be taken anywhere cover is found in those areas. Some are still active on Brush piles located in 8 to 10 feet of water when you can locate some active fish. The best pattern has been trolling under large schools of shad in larger creeks and coves. Small crank baits, Rebels, and similar type baits seem to work best.


The Walleye bite has really stalled in the James River Arm. All the rain and muddy water in the upper James has made it almost impossible. I’m sure the bite will return as the water clears. There have been a few caught while trolling under Shad schools but are few and far between.

White Bass

I had reports of some really nice white bass being caught in the upper James just prior to the heavy rain and rising waters, some in the 3 pound class. I hope they will make an appearance again as things settle and the water clears a little.


Note to Friends: Please wear a life jacket, at all times. Please have a Blessed and Safe Day on the water. Be careful and watch for floating debris; the upper James to the Cape Fair Area has some and this debris is moving down toward the main lake. Please use caution.


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